We will have the pleasure of welcoming you to La Grange de Halleux.

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we are pleased to provide you with useful information.

1. Arrival and departure

  • La Grange : Rue Halleux 30a à 6986 Halleux (La Roche-en-Ardenne)
  • Tel : 00 32 475 26 91 79
  • The neighbor Michel De Hallu (n ° 33) will welcome you and will make you visit the cottage.
  • Please do not leave the cottage at the end of your stay without warning.

 2. Do not forget!

  • Sheets + duvet covers and pillows covers are required
  • Bath towels.
  • Kitchen towels.
  • Toilet paper and paper towels.

3. Parking

  • Accessible parking in front of the cottage
  • Parking in front of the church is better if you are more numerous

4. Kitchen

  • Large fridge and freezer.
  • Dishwasher (the product for dishwasher is expected)
  • Oven + ceramic hob, microwave oven, grill
  • Mixer, robot, Croque Monsieur grill, raclette appliances, toaster
  • Nespresso machine and kettle
  • Cutlery and crockery for 18 people
  • Please do not place the cutting boards in the dishwasher.
  • Be careful not to put hot pans on the worktop

5. Supermarkets / catering

  • In Tenneville and Rendeux, an AD Delhaize
  • At Marche, almost everything
  • At La Roche, a spar and small specialty shops (cold meats, meat, game, beer ...) 
  • In Halleux, Chanteloup catering down the street, order rolls for the WE on Friday before 17h and dish of the day, buffet on order. Rue de Halleux, 41 tel: 084/37 79 27 or 0497 64 17 57

6. Barbecue

  • Thank you for cleaning the BBQ after use
  • Do not operate the BBQ under the wooden porch.

7. Waste

  • The Walloon region requires waste sorting
  • The biodegradable green bag for organic waste including baby diapers and paper towels
  • The gray bag for non-recyclable residuals
  • You will find a complete explanation on the sorting of waste in the kitchen and in the kitchen.
  • The bags must be closed and stored in the yard in the trash bins
  • We ask you to take back your big boxes when you leave

Selective sorting

  • There are 3 selective bins in the hall.
  • Cans and canned goods in the yellow bin.
  • Packaging drinks cartons in the blue bin.
  • Plastic bottles in the red bin.
  • Glass bottles (foldable tray) to put in the glass bubble near the church (30m from the cottage)
  • Remove the caps and put them in the tray "caps"
  • Crush and flatten bottles, cans and drinks cartons
  • In case of non-compliance with the sorting, a sum of € 10 (to be paid in cash) will be requested.

8. Furniture 

The furniture can not be moved under any circumstances. 

9. Electrical panel 

In the barn there is a board in the entrance hall and the fire alarm. The other is in the room after the WC on the ground floor 

10. Beds 

  • 2 single beds in the room downstairs (80 x 200) + a bunk bed (90 * 200).
  • 2 single beds on the upper mezzanine (80 x 200) 
  • 2 bunk beds (90 x 180) on the 1st floor 
  • 2 single beds in the bedroom on the first floor (80 x 200) + 1 babycot 
  • 2 single beds in the bedroom second floor (80 x 200) 
  • 3 single beds in the back bedroom of the second floor (80 x 200)
  • * the single beds can be joined to make double beds (160 * 200)
  • * each bed is equipped with a duvet 140 X 200 

11. Heating 

The cottage is equipped with central heating. It will of course be heated before your arrival. The stoves provide a pleasant temperature throughout the house. Fire extinguishers are placed near the stoves. Be careful with the fire. 

12. Sauna 

Never turn on the sauna too long in advance. It only takes 10 minutes for the temperature to be sufficient. Never put other products than water (a ladle at a time maximum in the slot behind the stones) The sauna is practiced for reasons of hygiene WITHOUT CLOTHING, after being showered and with a bath towel under all the body, feet included. NEVER sit directly on the wood. Do not forget to stop the sauna after use. 

13. TV, DVD and music 

TV is connected to cable TV and DVD player Hi-fi system, radio, MP3 and Wi-fi IPOD 

14. Games 

  • A billiard, 
  • A kicker. 
  • A petanque track (the balls are in the bench next to the track)
  • Children must play accompanied by an adult. 

15. Security 

We attach great importance to safety but there are stairs in the house, there are stoves. All things normal but can be dangerous. If there are children, we recommend to be particularly careful with the stairs. We disclaim all liability in case of accidents occurring in the cottage. Do not leave children unattended. Preventing your fire insurance: ask for a resort extension 

The Grange is used as a high-capacity gîte and has the required equipment for this type of accommodation (fire alarm center). If you have any questions, call Patrick at 0475 26 91 79.

Do not deprive those who come after you the pleasure you have experienced yourself, respect this cottage and help us keep it in perfect condition. We wish you a very pleasant stay in our cottages. 


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